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About US

Eng. Abdullah Al Jiburi General Contracting Company was established at the beginning of year 2000 as a consolidating private company with a capital of 5 million Dinars at that time. Within a very short time, the company proved its capability on quantitative and qualitative engineering work by focusing on professional business that distinguished the company in serving the society's infrastructure.
On summer 2009, the formal name of the company been altered to Anwar Soura General Contracting Company “limited”, and is working under the Eng. Abdullah Al Jiburi of Companies.
The company is currently one of the leading companies in constructions domain. It's classified as first grade Company in Iraqi Ministry of planning standards scale and is considered as one of the most active companies operating in Iraq. The company is also very active in Middle East in general and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan In particular, the number of employees in the company for all the competencies exceeded 1700 associates, scattered throughout the projects and positions of the company deployed in Iraq, Jordan, and its branches in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Kuwait.

The company realized the importance of implementing modern project management and controlling all production chain resources, to achieve quality standards of projects and all other activities that will consequently increase the efficiency, performance, and technical capacity of the projects. All project resources are organized to ensure perfect performance and its ability to recruit the great potential of technology and materials. The well-cumulative systematic practices reflected the growing capacity of technical and material steadily, where the projects erection that was exclusively on the regional and global companies renowned.

The company owns more than 600 specialized machinery in order to enhance the factor of productivity as follows:

  • 8 rigs for large diameter bored piles to perform piles with depth exceeding 45 meters and up to 2 meters in diameter
  • 3 pre-cast driving piling machines.
  • Fleet of concrete truck mixers 75 pieces.
  • 25 concrete batch plants.
  • Transport fleet including more than 45 car-trucks.
  • PDA and PIT pile test equipments.
  • Two modern blocks plants, one in Iraq and the other in Jordan.
  • Two asphalt plants in Iraq.
  • Factory of Hydrated lime in Jordan.
  •  Factories for precast concrete piles, Pre-tension & post- tension griders.
  • 350 ton crawler crane (exclusive at our company)
  • 12 Tower cranes, 75M Height.
  • Group of crawler cranes in different sizes (50 ton to 150 ton)


Abdullah Al-Jiburi General Contracting Company is a friend to the environment. The systematic and practical application of correct strategy in this topic utilizes proper materials through proper applying of the rules of the landfill and the disposal of the remnants of the civil works.

The company applies the highest standards of industrial safety and occupational global affilities, and is keen to provide all the equipments that will ensure their safety and work safety.

Eng. Abdullah Al Jiburi